Fluid Coils

Marlo fluid coils are available for chilled water, hot water, glycol and special fluid applications.

Every fluid coil is custom-built, so can made in any size, with any number of rows, with various circuit options and in a wide range of materials. Each coil features full-size return bends and properly sized headers to ensure uniform flow and minimized pressure loss.

While fluid coils typically feature copper tubes, aluminum fins and galvanized steel casings, each component can be made with a number of different metals – including stainless steel and copper nickel – to meet the needs of any application. We specialize in direct replacement coils, and can also upgrade existing coils for increased performance and/or extra durability.

Our fluid coils product line includes standard coils (W coils) and pitched core coils (P coils), which feature a pitched core within the casing and auxiliary drain headers to ensure fast and complete drainage of the coil – eliminating the possibility of freeze damage.

AHRI Certified Fluid Coils

We are proud to offer AHRI certified fluid coils for both hot water and chilled water. These coils offer an extra assurance of quality and reliability, as they have been performance-tested over a wide range of operational conditions by an independent third-party laboratory. AHRI certification means coil performance is a certainty.

We also offer a wide range of specialty fluid coils. Learn more at the links below:

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