Commercial and Industrial Fluid Coils

Water, Glycol, and Special Coils

Fluid coils are available for chilled water, hot water, glycol and special fluid applications.

W Coils – Standard Fluid Coils - Standard water coils typically consisting of multiple rows and circuits.

P Coils – Pitched Core Fluid Coils - Similar to our standard water coils. However, the core on a “P” coil is pitched within the casing and auxiliary drain headers are used to ensure fast and complete drainage of the coil.

J, X, and K Coils – Fluid Coils with Cleanable Tube Plugs - Featuring brass end caps on tube ends that allow access to the interior of the coil for cleaning. These coils are typically applied in environments where sediment or foreign materials may accumulate within the coil.

Q, Y, and R Coils – Fluid Coils with Removable Box Header - The removable box is ideal for high-sediment fluid environments, such as river or lake water. Removing the headers exposes all of the tubes for easy inspection or cleaning.

Split Core Coils – Fluid Coils Manufactured in Multiple Sections to Ease Install - Optional feature that allows nearly any Marlo coil to be divided into smaller sections to ease installation in limited space applications. The coil is split in the core area with divider plates and re-assembled on-site.