How a Coil is Made, Part 3: Testing & Delivery

AUGUST 30, 2023  ̶  When discussing testing, we should first mention that extensive testing has already been done long before one of our heating coils or cooling coils is even ordered. Our coil designs have already been tested and certified by a number of different organizations. For example, many of our coil designs have been certified to AHRI performance standards.

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How a Coil is Made Part 3

Proud of Our Military Work

AUGUST 22, 2023  ̶  When a new U.S. Navy vessel heads out to sea – whether it be a destroyer, aircraft carrier, submarine, or other combatant craft – you can be sure there are three things on board...

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Proud of our military work

Our Expanded Network of Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives is Now Complete

AUGUST 15, 2023  ̶  For the last several years, we have worked hard to make sure that Marlo heating and cooling products are available to customers all across America. That includes everything from standard steam coils and fluid coils, to our wide range of specialty products such as our Stratomizer integral face and bypass (IFB) coils, to our pre-engineered, modular MarloAir air handling unit (AHU).

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Expanded IMR Network

How a Coil is Made, Part 2: Production

AUGUST 8, 2023  ̶  Once a heating coil or cooling coil design is complete, it is transmitted electronically to the factory floor and the production process begins. The specifications for each component are sent to the appropriate team, allowing multiple components to be worked on simultaneously to minimize lead times.

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How a Coils is Made

How a Coil is Made, Part 1: Design

JULY 10, 2023  ̶  This is the first segment in a three-part series that will explain exactly how Marlo heating and cooling coils go from just a concept to a functioning, vital component of a commercial or industrial HVAC system. In Part 1, we will start at the very beginning and discuss the multi-faceted design phase of a Marlo coil.

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How a Coils is Made

Choosing Coil Materials

JUNE 19, 2023  ̶  Many factors go into determining to best possible materials for each component of a coil, depending, of course, on the application. Most commercial heating and cooling coils are constructed with copper tubes and headers, with aluminum fins, in a steel casing.

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Choosing Coil Materials

We’re Proud to Welcome Environmental Building Systems to Our IMR Team

JUNE 15, 2023  ̶  Our ongoing commitment to increasing the reach of Marlo products all across the United States continues with the addition of another new Independent Manufacturer’s Representative (IMR). We’re proud to announce that Environmental Building Systems, Inc. will now be offering the full line of Marlo coils and air handling units to customers throughout North and South Dakota.

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Environmental Building Systems

Turbine Inlet Coils, Part 2: Why Inlet Cooling?

MAY 4, 2023  ̶  It is common knowledge that the widespread use of air conditioning during high temperatures can put major stresses on the electrical grid. But those hot summer days can also cause another power problem that many people don’t know about.

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Turbine Inlet

New Manufacturing Cell will Reduce Lead Times for MarloAIR AHUs

APRIL 25, 2023  ̶  Since we introduced our MarloAIR air handling unit (AHU) near the end of 2018, we saw steady growth over the first few years as we slowly got the word out about its many advantages over other AHU options on the market. But recently, we’ve experienced an overwhelming increase in demand as our Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives (IMRs) have gained experience with the product.

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Marlo AHU

How a Cooling Coil Works

APRIL 17, 2023  ̶  From typical office environments, to manufacturing plants, to schools, hospitals and other institutional buildings, cooling coils keep millions of people comfortable every day no matter how high outside temperatures climb. They are also used in industrial process cooling applications to make some manufacturing processes possible and to optimize others.

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Cool Coil

Announcing Three New Members of our IMR Sales Network

APRIL 12, 2023  ̶  As demand for Marlo heat transfer products continues to rise, we are responding by further expanding our network of Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives (IMRs) to offer better sales and service support to customers across the U.S. We’re proud to announce the following three companies as our newest IMRs, and to welcome them to the Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions family.

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AHU Cell

It’s been a cold winter. Have you checked your coils for freeze damage?

APRIL 6, 2023  ̶  With much of the country experiencing severe cold temperatures this winter, freeze-damaged coils have been a common problem. No matter how well built a coil may be, when water freezes inside the copper tubes, the ice can expand until the tubes burst.

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Freeze Damage

Turbine Inlet Coils, Part 1: The Importance of Inlet Heating

MARCH 6, 2023  ̶ Turbine inlet heating coils are used in gas-fired power plants to heat the air entering the gas turbines. There are two main ways that a plant can benefit from adding heating coils to its turbines: the coils increase the efficiency of the plant when idling, and they prevent freezing. Both benefits are discussed in detail below.

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Turbine Inlet Coils

How a Marlo Stratomizer Works

FEBRUARY 27, 2023  ̶ The Marlo Stratomizer® Dampered Face and Bypass Coil – also known as an Integral Face and Bypass Coil (IFB) – provides the most reliable method of preheating and tempering fresh outside air. The coil sections maintain full steam pressure or constant hot water flow to the coil at all times to virtually eliminate freezing.

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AHR 2023 Recap: Hot Products, Hot Topics and Hot Sales!

FEBRUARY 20, 2023  ̶  Another annual AHR Expo is in the books. It was great to see so many HVAC/R industry professionals in Atlanta this year. For anyone who didn’t make it to the show, here are the highlights from the Marlo booth and crew.

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AHR 2023

Marlo Products Now Available in Alaska through JP Sheldon

NOVEMBER 29, 2022  ̶  At Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions, we’re very excited to announce our newest Independent Manufacturer’s Representative (IMR) – JP Sheldon, “Alaska’s HVAC company”. JP Sheldon has been Alaska's vendor of choice for heating, ventilating, air distribution and filtration equipment since 1945. We’re proud to join the list of many of the HVAC industry’s best manufacturers represented by JPS.

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See you in Atlanta for AHR Expo 2023!

NOVEMBER 22, 2022  ̶  We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the annual AHR Expo, coming up in Atlanta, Georgia, February 6-8, 2023. The AHR Expo is the largest event in the HVAC industry, attracting manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, engineers and many other professionals from across the United States and around the world.

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AHR 2023

Get Your Building Ready for Winter

NOVEMBER 15, 2022  ̶  Whether you like it or not, winter is on its way. So make sure you’re prepared for the colder temperatures before they arrive. Now is the perfect time to check your building’s HVAC system – including the coils – to assure it’s ready for winter. Are your coils clean and corrosion free? Or are they damaged, corroded and leaking (or ready to leak at any moment)

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How a Steam Coil Works

NOVEMBER 8, 2022  ̶  Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions manufactures a wide range of steam coils – in almost limitless sizes and configurations, and using many different types of materials – which all utilize these same basic principles. As a custom manufacturer, we design and build each steam coil specifically to meet the needs of its individual application.

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steam coil

How to Identify the Four Main Types of Coils

SEPTEMBER 26, 2022  ̶  While there are many different types of heating and cooling coils (as seen on our Products page) all HVAC coils typically fall into one of the four general categories outlined below.

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Four coils

We’re Proud to Welcome Long Building Technologies to our IMR team

SEPTEMBER 22, 2022  ̶  We’re excited to announce the newest addition to our team of Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives (IMRs): LONG Building Technologies, Inc.

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IMR team

How to Measure a Coil to Order a Marlo Replacement

AUGUST 17, 2022  ̶  Ordering a replacement coil is an in-depth process, but can be accomplished relatively easily if you use the tools we provide and follow the simple steps below. Your local Marlo Independent Manufacturer’s Representative will be happy to assist you with this process, and can enter the details about your coil into our MarloMetrics coil selection software to provide you with an immediate quote.

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Measure Coils

Vertical Systems Joins Our Growing List of Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives

JULY 7, 2022  ̶  We’re proud to announce that Vertical Systems, a major player in HVAC product sales and service throughout California, has joined our team of Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives (IMRs).

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Welcome Vertical Systems

A Great Day for Another Marlo Barbecue!

JUNE 3, 2022  ̶  A longstanding tradition has finally been reinstated at Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions. After a very long delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our summertime barbecues are back!

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Marlo Barbecue

Custom Products are Standard Procedure for Us

JUNE 3, 2022  ̶  At Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions, we don’t produce “off-the-shelf” products, then sit back and wait for someone to order them. We are a custom manufacturer, meaning we don’t produce anything until it is ordered – and without understanding exactly what the customer needs.

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Custom Products

Our Expanded Sales Network Now Spans All 48 Contiguous States

JUNE 3, 2022  ̶  We’ve been working hard to build up our nationwide network of Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives (IMRs), and we’re proud to announce that we now have coverage from coast to coast. Two of the IMRs that helped make this happen are featured below.

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Expanding Network

New and Improved “AHU Metrics” Software Offers More Options when Configuring MarloAIR™ AHUs

MAY 30, 2022  ̶  Our custom designed AHU Metrics configurator software allows Marlo representatives to size, configure, and quote MarloAIR™ air handling units, without requiring factory assistance. The user-friendly, step-by-step configurator offers instant proposal and submittal package generation, direct-to-factory order transmission, 3D Revit model creation and more.

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MarloAIR Software

We’re Hiring for Our Winning Team!

APRIL 20, 2022  ̶  Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions is currently hiring for several first and second shift job openings at our High Ridge, Missouri manufacturing facility. We offer an outstanding work environment, competitive compensation and outstanding benefits.

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We’re Hiring

New High-Tech Bending Machine Reduces Lead Times and Improves Quality

APRIL 6, 2022  ̶  At Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions, we continue to invest in new technology to further enhance the capabilities of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in High Ridge, Missouri (just outside St. Louis). Today we’re proud to announce our newest addition: an automated, precision, high-speed panel bender from Prima Power.

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High Tech Bending Machine

Maximize Coil Life with Simple Routine Cleaning

MARCH 17, 2022  ̶  At Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions, we manufacture quality coils – with quality materials – that are built to last. That’s why we can confidently back every one with our industry-leading 3-year warranty. In fact, our coils are built so well that they typically last much longer than 3 years. But long coil life is only possible if the coil is properly maintained.

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Maximize Coil Life

Prepare for Cooling Season Now – Before it’s Too Late!

MARCH 10, 2022  ̶  While springtime may seem like a long way off (and you may still be dealing with winter weather where you are), warmer temperatures are undoubtedly on the way. So now is the time to make sure your building is ready to “keep its cool” this spring and summer!

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Cooling Season

Introducing our New “M” Fin

FEBRUARY 3, 2022  ̶  We’re proud to introduce our new “M” fin, available on any of our heating or cooling coils. The M fin features a corrugated fin pattern that is less pronounced than our Turbex sine wave fin, offering lower air pressure drop while still providing increased heat transfer efficiency compared to a standard flat fin. Depending on your specific application, the new “M” fin could be the ideal solution.

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M Fin

Get Your Coils When You Need them with QuickShip

JANUARY 20, 2022  ̶  We understand that when heating coils fail in the middle of winter, when cooling coils fail during a summer heat wave, or when an industrial process is shut down by a coil failure, you need replacements fast!

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