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March 13, 2024

At Marlo, we know that HVAC systems, including process heating and process cooling operations, are typically the largest consumers of energy in a building. And, as a result, we know that all types of businesses are taking steps to reduce energy usage in HVAC, whether to lower energy costs or to meet sustainability goals and requirements. This is in direct conflict with some of the latest “healthy building” initiatives that typically require increased air turnover, meaning more outside air needs to be brought in, which uses more energy.

Fortunately, Marlo is committed to helping companies cut energy costs, as well as reduce their carbon footprints – AND help keep people safe – all while also improving the performance of their heating and cooling systems. We offer many ways to accomplish these objectives, including offering a number of products that were specifically designed to save energy. A few of these are outlined below.

MarloAIR Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Our MarloAIR AHUs were designed and engineered with energy savings in mind. Air leakage and poor insulation are the largest contributors to AHU inefficiency and increased operating costs. That’s why we designed the MarloAIR wall and floor system to provide excellent insulation value with minimal air leakage, including 2″ foamed panels, integral thermal breaks and full-perimeter, double-sealed gaskets. Access doors are also double-walled and gasketed.

The other big contributor to energy usage in an air handling unit is its fan and motor system. So we use state-of-the-art, direct-drive, energy efficient fan and motor assemblies, plus optional variable frequency drives. In addition, we recently announced a number of new fan and motor options – including fan arrays and complete fan walls – that can further reduce energy consumption. Read the announcement here.

Another way we can help increase efficiency is in applications without space constraints is by optimizing the cross section of the AHU. Reducing the air pressure drop across the elements of the AHU will reduce the needed fan horsepower. Reducing fan HP is a great way to save on energy. In addition, since we build our own coils, we can further optimize AHU coils to balance air pressure drop vs. thermal performance.

Coil Designs and Materials

Marlo commercial and industrial coils are custom designed and engineered to meet the specific heating, cooling and dehumidification needs of your application. Plus, our MarloMetrics coil selection software automatically optimizes the coil design for efficiency.

So, every Marlo coil can be customized to meet your energy efficiency goals. For instance, a coil can be designed to maximize heat transfer efficiency, or to minimize pressure drop, depending on individual application needs. In extreme conditions, special materials can also be used to further enhance efficiency, such as using copper fins rather than the standard aluminum fins for greater heat transfer. Coatings are also available for extreme environments.

Stratomizer Integral Face & Bypass Coil (IFB Coil)

The Marlo Stratomizer® Dampered Face and Bypass Coil – also known as an Integral Face and Bypass Coil (or IFB coil, for short) – can increase energy efficiency while also providing a reliable way to preheat and temper fresh outside air, while maintaining full steam pressure or constant hot water flow to the coil at all times, in order to eliminate the chance of freezing.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, many building owners and managers have chosen to increase the amount of fresh outdoor air coming into their buildings, in order to improve indoor air quality and reduce the spread of airborne viruses and other pathogens. In fact, this strategy is recommended by many experts and organizations, including ASHRAE. In 2023, ASHRAE introduced its Standard 241, which outlines “equivalent clean airflow” requirements that can be accomplished by increasing the outdoor air entering a building.

In cold temperatures, the Marlo Stratomizer can help meet these indoor air requirements in an energy efficient manner, since it was specifically designed to preheat cold incoming air. So it offers an ideal solution for maximizing fresh air while minimizing energy costs.

Turbine Inlet Coils

One of our specialty products that has a major impact on energy efficiency is our turbine inlet coils, which are used by gas-fired power generating plants to either heat or cool air entering the gas turbines. These extremely large coils can actually increase the power output of the turbines by conditioning the incoming air.

Where to Buy

Contact your local Marlo Independent Manufacturer’s Representative to discuss your coil needs and to get a fast quote using our Marlo Metrics coil selection software.

Coil Products

All Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions’ commercial coils are engineered to meet our customer’s specific parameters. We prefer to design our equipment around your project.

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