AHR 2024 Highlights

March 6, 2024

The recent AHR Expo brought more than 50,000 HVAC/R professionals to chilly (and windy) Chicago for the largest industry event of year. Marlo had a large team on hand to welcome visitors to our booth and show off a wide range of our heating and cooling products. For anyone who didn’t make it to the show, here’s some of what you missed…

Showstopper #1: MarloAIR Air Handling Unit (AHU) with Q-PAC Fans

In addition to displaying a variety of our heating and cooling coils in our booth, we had a complete demo MarloAIR air handling unit on hand, featuring a see-through plexiglass casing to allow the inner components to be viewed.

The AHU was a huge hit, drawing much attention from attendees who wanted to see the inner workings of the MarloAIR. Another feature that had both attendees and our newer IMRs talking was our AHU roof construction. We received many compliments on our factory built and installed integral roof construction. The roof is integrated into the air handling units to ensure leak-free performance and long life.

Another key feature that people were very interested in was a new type of fan/motor option that we recently added – Q-PAC fans. These fans are configurable and can be arranged, either side-by-side or on top of one another, into fan arrays to meet airflow objectives. The Q-PAC fan arrays also offer additional benefits, including redundancy, variable speed, reduced energy usage, lower life cycle costs, reduced footprint and more. 

Adding to the interest in the MarloAIR AHU and Q-PAC fans was the fact that, of the more than 1,800 exhibitors in the two expo halls, Marlo was the only one displaying Q-PAC fans – PLUS, Q-PAC did not have a booth of their own. As a result, we were happy to welcome members of the Q-PAC team in our booth to help explain all the advantages their fans can bring to MarloAIR owners.

The modular Q-PAC fans are a perfect complement to the modular, pre-engineered, customizable MarloAIR AHU. They make it even easier for us customize each AHU to meet the specific needs of the application – while delivering a unit at a lower cost and with a shorter lead time than a traditional custom AHU. To learn more, visit the MarloAIR page, and read about some of our newest AHU capabilities.

Showstopper #2: The Marlo IMR Event

Before the Expo even began, Marlo got things rolling with our annual IMR (Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives) gathering on Sunday night at Timothy O’Toole’s Irish Pub. We had a tremendous turnout and were thrilled that so many of our reps, both old and new, were able to get into town early and attend the event.

Thank you to everyone who made the time to join the Marlo team for food and drinks, and a memorable night of great conversation. As is our tradition, we also presented our annual IMR Achievement Awards for the rep firms that met certain sales targets. Congratulations to all of the following 2023 winners:

Platinum Club Winners:
Griffin Equipment – griffinequipment.com
Affiliated Steam & Hot Water – affiliatedsteam.com

Gold Club Winners:
HVAC Solutions – hvacsolutions.biz
Merlo Energy – merloenergy.com

Silver Club Winners:
Hutchco – hutchco-inc.com
Coward Environmental – cowardenvironmental.com
Air Control Products – aircontrolproducts.com

Bronze Club Winners:
McQueeny Group – mcqueenygroup.com
RL Kunz – rlkunz.com
Vertical Systems – vertisys.net
Environmental Products, Inc. – epireps.com

Our hats are off to all of these high achievers on their hard work and success last year. Let’s keep it going in 2024!

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