Coil Products

All Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions’ commercial coils are engineered to meet our customer’s specific parameters. Rather than have you design your project around our equipment, we prefer to design our equipment around your project.

Fluid coils

Water, Glycol, Brine and special fluids used in commercial and industrial heating and cooling applications.

Industrial Coils

Steam, hot & cold water, glycol and other fluid coils that meet the rugged demands of industrial process applications...


The MarloAIR™ modular air handling unit configures to meet your specific needs.

refrigerant coils

Direct Expansion, Evaporator or DX coils and Condenser Coils.

specialty coils

Split Core, Removable, Air Tight, and Cleanable Coils.

steam coils

Steam distributing, standard, process and condenser coils for low or high-pressure steam applications.


Stratomizer® dampered (Integral) face & bypass coil used to prevent freezing in low temperature applications.

Turbine Inlet heating

High Performance coils designed for cooling inlet air & restoring full GT performance, or heating inlet air for turn-...