Stratomizer® Dampered Face & Bypass Coil


The Marlo Stratomizer® is a dampered face and bypass coil, also referred to as an integral face and bypass coil or IFB coil.

Ideal for climates where temperatures fall below or near freezing, the Stratomizer provides the most reliable method of preheating and tempering fresh outside air, while minimizing the possibility of freezing.

In standard steam and hot water coils, the steam or water temperature is modulated in an attempt to control the temperature of incoming air – which can cause condensate to build up and freeze inside the coil, damaging the tubes or causing them to burst. But the Stratomizer maintains either full steam pressure or hot water flow to the coil at all times, so no condensate can build up or freeze.

In addition to eliminating freezing, the Stratomizer also provides more accurate temperature control. Its dampers are automatically repositioned to maintain a set leaving air temperature, even as outside air temperatures change significantly. The positioning of the dampers allows proportioned quantities of air to either flow through the heating surface or to bypass the heating surface to achieve the required discharge air temperature.

The Stratomizer provides a better and more cost-effective solution than either the use of a separate heating coil to heat incoming air, or the use of a more traditional face and bypass damper configuration. In addition, the Stratomizer mixes the air in a much shorter distance downstream of the unit, creating a more uniform temperature.

Stratomizer advantages include:

  • Freeze protection
  • Constant air volume
  • Minimized air stratification
  • Minimum temperature override
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Rated in accordance with AHRI 410
  • Multiple configurations and sizes
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Three-year warranty

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