Make Sure Your Building is Ready for the Summer Heat

April 4, 2024

While many of us are enjoying mild springtime temperatures, the summer heat (and often humidity) will be here soon. So now is the time to make sure your building’s HVAC system is ready for the cooling season.

Check your cooling coils for freeze damage

It’s been a long, cold winter for many building owners and facilities personnel in the U.S., with a number of cold snaps where temperatures dropped well below freezing as far south as Texas. Now that spring is here, don’t forget what that winter weather may have done to your cooling coils.

If water was left in your cooling coils over the winter (without any glycol being added), there’s a chance that the water froze and the resulting ice expanded the coils’ tubes enough to burst them. We replaced many freeze-damaged coils over the past few months, so don’t be surprised if your coils have fallen victim to this common problem.

Another thing to remember is that ruptured tubes aren’t always obvious. While a burst tube can leave a large opening that water flows out of, it is also possible that the result of the freezing can be tiny cracks or holes in the tubes, creating small, slow leaks that can go unnoticed.

Even a very small leak can allow water to build up and result in severe water damage over time. So, we recommend you inspect your coils carefully in the spring, especially if you know they may have had water in them over the winter and you had freezing temperatures in your area.

Marlo has the replacement coils you need

If you do discover that you have a damaged coil, Marlo can get you a replacement quickly. We custom build every coil we make for your exact application – and we’ll make sure your chances of future freeze damage are minimized. Our cooling coils are fully drainable (and never have trapped circuits where water can accumulate). Of course, we can’t drain your coils for you in the fall, but we make it easy for you to do yourself!

Another bit of advice: ordering replacement cooling coils now – before high temperatures make it an emergency – will make the experience much less stressful, and will allow you to avoid paying a premium for expedited delivery. However, if you choose to wait until you need a coil fast, we’ve got you covered with our QuickShip service, which means we can build and ship your coil in as little as 5 days.

With Marlo coils, you’ll always get a custom design to meet your needs, high quality materials and the finest workmanship – all reasons why we can back our coils with our industry-leading 3-year coil warranty. Just contact your local Marlo representative who can get you a fast quote on the exact replacement coil you need.

Or maybe you need a whole new air handling unit?

If your HVAC problems go beyond coils, we can replace your entire air handling unit with our customizable MarloAIR AHU. The MarloAIR offers a pre-engineered, modular AHU design that can be customized to meet your exact needs. Our AHU gives you a solution that is configured specifically for your application, but without the high cost and long lead time of a traditional custom AHU.

Your Marlo representative can use our proprietary AHU Metrics selection software to size and configure a MarloAIR AHU to meet your needs, plus automatically generate a fast quote and submittal package. Like our coils, our air handling units are built to last and come with a full 3-year warranty – the longest in the industry.

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