Why Marlo

Custom Solutions to Meet Your Exact Needs

At Marlo, every product is “engineered-to-order” – never “off-the-shelf”. We custom design and build each heating coil, cooling coil and air handling unit to meet the specific needs of its individual application. Our team of engineers are experts in designing heat transfer products for all types of applications, from common comfort heating and cooling to complex thermal processes.

Whether you need basic heating and cooling, precise temperature and humidity control, heat recovery, vapor recovery or any other solution, Marlo can deliver. We use the latest design and analysis technology, including computational fluid dynamics, to accurately predict air and water flow patterns through the coil, as well as to calculate pressure drop and heat transfer values.

Whatever specific features and performance you need – including things like unusual sizes, unique materials, extra durability or other special features – there is virtually no limit to the amount of customization we can build into our products.

Wide Range of Materials

Most commercial coils are constructed with copper tubes and aluminum fins, in a galvanized steel casing. But as a custom coil manufacturer, Marlo is not limited to those common materials. We routinely build coils with various – typically more durable – metals, especially for industrial process heating and cooling applications.

Certain environments call for special materials such as stainless steel or aluminum tubing, copper or stainless steel fins, copper/nickel or welded stainless steel box headers, and red brass connection stub fittings…just to name a few.

Choice of Fin Options

Another customization option we offer with all of our heating and cooling coils is a choice of three fin designs, to meet the needs of your application:

  • Flat Fin – minimizes air turbulence, resulting in the lowest air pressure drop and a lower heat transfer capability. Flat fins are also less likely to collect debris and are easier to clean.
  • Marlo “M” Fin – designed with a less pronounced wave than a Turbex fin, this “V-waffle” fin offers a balance between high heat transfer efficiency and low air pressure drop.
  • Turbex Fin – our sine wave fin offers the most dramatic wave pattern, creating greater air turbulence and providing the highest heat transfer efficiency, while also increasing air pressure drop.

Quality Manufacturing

Marlo products are efficiently manufactured in our state-of-the- art facility, by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, using only top-quality materials. We also utilize lean manufacturing practices and multiple quality assurance programs, including a comprehensive ISO 9001 certified quality management system. We can produce coils that comply with many standards organizations and quality systems, including ASME, ASHRAE, AHRI, PED, CRN, ISO and others.

At Marlo, we design and build our coils to deliver years of reliable performance, while also providing maximum heat transfer. We select only the best materials – typically in heavier gauges than our competitors – and use design and manufacturing techniques that are proven to increase coil life. Some of the ways we build quality and performance into our heating and cooling coils include:

  • Staggered tube design to maximize heat transfer efficiency
  • Engineered header system reduces the potential for leaks and provides connection locations that allow venting and draining at the highest and lowest points on the coil
  • No trapped circuits, reducing the risk of freeze damage
  • Heavy gauge galvanized or stainless steel casings for maximum durability
  • Tube sheets with extruded tube holes to prevent damage
  • Hairpin tube bends to minimize brazed joints.

Stringent Coil Testing

All of our coils are thoroughly leak-tested two times prior to shipment, using high pneumatic pressure. First, each tube is pressurized to a high PSI during the expansion process, when any leaks are immediately identified. Then, when a coil is complete, it is fully pressurized and completely submerged under water in one of our large test pools.

In addition to pressure gages being attached and monitored for any drop in pressure, experienced Marlo employees also visually inspect the coil in the water, watching for any sign of air bubbles, which would indicate a leak. The coil remains underwater for several minutes and is inspected from multiple angles to as sure there are no leaks.

3 Year Warranty

In an industry where the standard manufacturer’s warranty is just one year, Marlo is proud to back all of our heat transfer products with a full 3-year warranty – three times longer than many of our competitors. Our warranty demonstrates the confidence we have in the reliability of our products, based on the quality materials and manufacturing processes we use in building them.

We don’t only warranty our standard water coils and steam coils for three years, but all of our coils – including specialty coils and industrial process coils. Plus, when it comes to our MarloAIR air handling units, we not only back the unit itself for a full three years, but also components supplied by other manufacturers – even if those component warranties have already run out.

Whatever Marlo product you buy, you can feel confident that you’re getting a reliable piece of equipment that is designed and built for long life, from a manufacturer that stands behind everything it produces.

QuickShip Program

When you need replacement coils fast, we offer 5-Day, 10-Day and 15-Day QuickShip service, which guarantees your coils will ship from our factory within 5 to 15 days of receiving your order. 5-Day QuickShip is available on all of our standard steam coils (S, V, D, H) and our hot water and chilled water coils (W). 10-Day and 15-Day QuickShip is available for those, as well as the vast majority of our other coils.

Check with your Marlo representative to confirm that the coil you need qualifies for QuickShip service.

Selection Software

Our proprietary coil selection software, MarloMetrics, makes ordering fast and easy. This easy-to-use tool that allows Marlo representatives to quickly customize and quote hot water coils, chilled water coils, steam coils, refrigerant coils, and any of our specialty coil products. The software offers instant submittal package generation, including performance specifications, pricing, general arrangement drawings and more.

For our MarloAIR air handling units, we developed our AHU Metrics configurator application to simplify the AHU ordering process. It allows Marlo reps to easily size, configure, and quote MarloAIR air handling units, providing instant proposal and submittal package generation, 3D Revit model creation, factory order transmission and more. The software shortens lead times and helps assure every MarloAIR AHU meets the end user’s needs.