Steam Coils

Our commercial and industrial steam coils are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet individual needs, for both comfort heating as well as process heating.

We offer three types of steam coils:

Straight-Through Steam Coils

These “standard” steam coils feature a continuous straight-through steam path with opposite end supply and condensate headers. Cores are pitched within the casing toward the condensate header to promote condensate removal. For low or high-pressure steam applications, these coils are available in several combinations of materials with either 0.625” diameter tubes (S coils) or 1” diameter tubes (V coils).

Distributing Steam Coils

These steam coils have smaller-diameter tubes within larger tubes, which distribute the steam uniformly across the coil, eliminating cold spots and minimizing the possibility of freezing. As a result, these coils are often referred to as “freeze proof” coils. Cores are pitched within the casing toward the header to promote condensate removal. Distributing steam coils can be used for both low- pressure or high-pressure applications, and are available in various configurations and materials.

Our distributing steam coils come with a choice of two tube sizes: 0.625″ diameter outer tubes with 0.375″ inner steam distributing tubes (D coils), or 1″ diameter tubes with 0.625″ inner steam distributing tubes (H coils). Marlo H coils have tighter tube spacing than competitive 1″ tube coils, leading to more performance in a smaller package. Multiple rows in one casing results in less piping.

AHRI Certified Steam Coils

Our AHRI certified steam coils are available for both straight-through and distributing steam designs. These steam coils have been tested for performance over a wide range of operational conditions by an independent third-party laboratory. The AHRI certification gives you the assurance that our steam coils will perform as promised.

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