How a Steam Coil Works

November 8, 2022

Steam coils are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, both for comfort heating and process heating. The basic concept behind a steam coil is simple:

  1. Steam enters the coil and travels through a series of tubes which are connected to metal fins.
  2. Air blows across the hot tubes and fins, becoming heated before leaving the other side of the coil.
  3. The steam condenses into water and drains from the coil.

Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions manufactures a wide range of steam coils – in almost limitless sizes and configurations, and using many different types of materials – which all utilize these same basic principles. As a custom manufacturer, we design and build each steam coil specifically to meet the needs of its individual application.

There are two main types of steam coils, those with a straight-through steam path and steam distributing coils that feature inner and outer steam tubes. Each type functions slightly differently while producing the same end result: heated air. We will discuss exactly how each type of coil accomplishes that task below.

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