New Manufacturing Cell will Reduce Lead Times for MarloAIR AHUs

April 25, 2023

Marlo AHU

Since we introduced our MarloAIR air handling unit (AHU) near the end of 2018, we saw steady growth over the first few years as we slowly got the word out about its many advantages over other AHU options on the market. But recently, we’ve experienced an overwhelming increase in demand as our Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives (IMRs) have gained experience with the product.

Another factor in the growing success of the MarloAIR is our AHU Metrics selection software. It is used by our IMRs to make customizing, quoting and ordering an AHU fast and easy, while also assuring the AHU meets the specific needs of the application where it will be used.

Increasing capacity to meet increasing demand

While the pre-engineered, modular design of the MarloAIR already lends itself to faster production and shorter lead times, we knew we had to increase our capacity to maintain lead times while producing more units. So our production team set out to take our AHU manufacturing to the next level by designing and implementing a new AHU manufacturing cell.

Using lean manufacturing principles and taking advantage of the MarloAIR’s modular design, our team developed a new, more efficient manufacturing process. We also expanded the area in our factory dedicated to AHUs, so we will now have a larger and more streamlined space that will focus entirely on air handling unit production. The upgraded cell will have all necessary materials and components on hand to further maximize efficiency.

The expanded AHU manufacturing cell is scheduled to be fully operational around the end of Q3. At that time, we expect our MarloAIR production speed to increase significantly, ultimately reducing our AHU lead times to meet growing demand.

Why MarloAIR is right for so many AHU applications

Because the MarloAIR air handling unit is modular, it can be configured to meet the specific needs of any project by choosing and customizing the required modules (unlike off-the-shelf units). And because the MarloAIR is pre-engineered – and due to the efficiency of the new manufacturing cell – it can be designed and built much faster and at a lower cost than traditional custom AHUs.

Another important advantage of the MarloAIR AHU is that we stand behind it with our industry-leading 3-year warranty. This not only includes the unit itself, but also all key components such as motors and fans – even when the OEM warranty for those components has expired. This compares with a basic 1-year warranty that is offered by most AHU manufacturers.

Contact your local Marlo representative to learn more about MarloAIR or to get a fast quote using our AHU Metrics software. Find your rep.

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