Our MarloAIR AHU Manufacturing Cell is Now Complete

November 9, 2023

We’re proud to announce that our new manufacturing cell dedicated to producing MarloAIR air handling units (AHUs) is now complete and fully operational. The new cell not only speeds production and increases our capacity – resulting in shorter lead times – but it also gives us upgraded capabilities.

Improved processes for improved capacity

Starting with a larger, dedicated space, we designed our new AHU cell from the ground up to increase efficiency and speed production. Based on our years of experience building air handling units, we created a new, more efficient production process – all utilizing lean manufacturing principles.

In addition to taking advantage of all the benefits of a cellular manufacturing process, we also implemented principles like value stream mapping, continuous improvement, and of course, just-in-time delivery – because every AHU we produce is always built to order. Needless to say, the pre-engineered, modular design of the MarloAIR AHU, with its series of customizable modules, is ideal for this lean manufacturing environment.

Upgraded equipment to streamline production

We haven’t just improved the way we manufacture AHUs. We’ve also invested in additional and upgraded equipment, and also provided additional training for our factory personnel.  By automating tasks that were previously done by hand, we have increased both productivity and quality, while virtually eliminating rework.

For example, the AHU cell has added two new CNC panel saws, which provide extremely precise and repeatable cuts for extrusions and panel stops, as well as automated marking equipment for wiring and part labeling. In addition, the assembly area has been allocated additional space, complete with modular workbenches that assure all the necessary tools are always easily accessible.

New fan/motor options – including fan arrays – for more customized solutions

As part of the AHU manufacturing cell upgrade, we have also expanded the list of optional features we can offer on our customized air handling units. We now offer a range of fan options, including modular fans, plenum fans and complete fan arrays/fan walls – some featuring integral sound attenuation. These new choices are all included in our AHU Metrics selection software, so it’s easy to compare available options when you work with your Marlo representative to configure your AHU.

All of our energy efficient fan and motor assemblies can include variable frequency drives, and can be designed to meet your CFM and pressure drop requirements, all while reducing energy usage and costs. Fan arrays are an ideal solution when you have space constraints and/or when sound reduction is a priority. If you have special fan requirements, we will work with you to meet your needs.

Increasing capacity to meet increasing demand

We obviously wouldn’t be putting our time, effort and investment into this new AHU cell if it wasn’t for the dramatic rise in our air handling unit sales. The market has clearly responded to the MarloAIR’s pre-engineered, modular design that allows for significant customization without the high costs and long lead times of a traditional “custom” AHU.

Plus, with our new, more efficient manufacturing cell, our AHU lead times are continuing to shorten. So when you want an air handling unit that meets all your needs – and your delivery timeline – count on MarloAIR. You’ll also get the kind of quality Marlo is known for after nearly 100 years in the HVAC industry. And like all Marlo products, MarloAIR AHUs are backed by our industry-leading 3-year warranty – which also includes key components like motors and fans, even when the OEM warranty for those components has expired.

Our Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives (IMRs) will be happy to meet with you to discuss your unique needs, and to use our AHU Metrics selection software to quickly configure and quote your AHU. Find your local Marlo IMR.

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