Introducing New AHU Capabilities

December 14, 2023

When we introduced our MarloAIR air handling unit (AHU) back in 2018, we saw an unmet need in the market and designed the MarloAIR to meet that need. At the time, there were basically two options for AHUs: 1. High-priced custom units with long lead times, and 2. Off-the-shelf units with limited features, which rarely met all the customer’s needs.

So we engineered MarloAIR to deliver the best of both worlds. It’s modular, pre-engineered design offers customization options to meet a wide range of needs, but at drastically reduced costs and much shorter lead times. The concept met with immediate success, and we were soon producing more and more AHUs. As a result, we recently announced the completion of a new AHU manufacturing cell to streamline our production and reduce lead times even further.

Expanding our fan/motor offering

Over the years, we have received requests for fan and motor options that we did not originally offer. And now, after slowly building these options into our air handling unit design, we are proud to announce a new and expanded fan/motor offering available with every MarloAIR.

Our AHUs feature energy efficient, direct drive fan and motor assemblies, complete with optional variable frequency drives, in order to meet CFM and pressure drop requirements while minimizing energy usage. Two of our plenum fan options are mounted on vibration isolators, and the HPA fan option can include integral sound attenuation. Additional customizable fan options include:

Plenum fans

Plenum fans, typically featuring curved inlets, provide radial discharge that can meet high static pressure requirements. These motors can operate unhoused to fit into smaller spaces or can come in a structural housing and either be used individually or as fan modules that can be combined to meet a range of needs.

Fan arrays and fan walls

Multiple modular fans can be stacked side-by-side or on top of each other into fan arrays – or complete fan walls – to achieve higher airflow, while maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing noise. Fan arrays and fan walls also provide redundancy to assure a system continues to run when one component fails, and also to allow for maintenance without a complete system shutdown.

If you have additional fan requirements not mentioned here, just reach out to your local Marlo representative. Chances are we can customize a MarloAIR AHU to meet your needs.

The pre-engineered, modular MarloAIR air handling unit can feature output ranges from 5,000 to 24,000 CFM and can be used in a wide range of commercial buildings. Each unit can deliver fully assembled or be shipped as individual modules to allow for easy transport to and through a building, making it ideal for both retrofit applications and new construction.

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