New High-Tech Bending Machine Reduces Lead Times and Improves Quality

April 6, 2022

At Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions, we continue to invest in new technology to further enhance the capabilities of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in High Ridge, Missouri (just outside St. Louis). Today we’re proud to announce our newest addition: an automated, precision, high-speed panel bender from Prima Power.

This revolutionary bending technology will speed production of our coil housings, air handling unit panels and much more. The faster throughput – and resulting shorter lead times – are only part of the machine’s advantages. It will also increase product quality thanks to its incredibly precise and repeatable bends.

Improved production and assembly speeds

Our new panel bender is fully automated and robotic, so the operator simply loads the sheet to be bent – and the machine does the rest. A robotic arm holds the sheet/panel, rotates it to the correct angle, feeds it into the bender for each consecutive bend and returns a finished part. It is a completely automated, streamlined process that drastically reduces panel production time.

The ultimate in precision

The Prima Power bender isn’t just fast. It’s incredibly precise, as well. And that precision is repeatable, bend after bend, part after part. By significantly increasing the accuracy of each bend – with precise angles and tight tolerances – parts fit together better and easier, which speeds assembly. That means faster assembly time and reduced labor, both in the factory and in the field. The bottom line for our customers is reduced costs, improved quality and faster delivery.

The panel bender’s capabilities include:

  • More than 32 tons of bending force
  • Accepts up to 4’ x 8’ steel sheets
  • Single bends up to a 7’ long
  • Single leg bends up to 8″ high
  • Return bends up to 2″
  • Bends up to 0.1″ thick steel (approximately 12 gage)
  • Bends up to .15″ thick aluminum

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