MarloMetrics Coil Configuration/Selection Software Moving Online

December 7, 2023

After many months of diligent work, we’re proud to announce that our proprietary MarloMetrics coil selection and configuration software will soon be moving from a desktop-based program to a fully functional website application. That means our nationwide network of Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives (IMRs) will now be able to access the software from any computer or mobile device – with no more time-consuming downloads!

As a reminder, MarloMetrics is an easy-to-use tool that allows Marlo representatives to quickly customize, quote and order any of our coil products – from chilled water coils, to steam coils, to Stratomizer integral face and bypass coils (IFB coils), and everything in between. The software also offers instant submittal package generation, including performance specifications, pricing, general arrangement drawings and more.

Same powerful software, now more convenient and with more features

The new online version of MarloMetrics will feature a more user-friendly interface and will always be up-to-date whenever it’s used – so there will be no more manual downloads/updates. This new “always updated” status means that pricing will change in real time, reflecting up-to-the-minute fluctuations in costs for components and raw materials. So quotes will always be accurate, even in quickly changing pricing environments. Quote validity will still be the same 30 days that our representatives (and customers) have counted on, allowing them to quote with confidence.

In addition to real time price quotes, another new feature is the ability to save multiple versions of past quotes, with changes tracked and dated. So Marlo reps will always have an accurate history of all their projects, no matter how many times they have been updated.

This will be our second web/mobile application

Not to be confused with MarloMetrics, we have a separate but similar application called AHU Metrics, which is used for configuring our MarloAIR air handling units (AHUs). AHU Metrics is already available as a web/mobile app. We gained valuable experience developing the online AHU Metrics, a process that really helped pave the way for MarloMetrics to go online.

We’re currently putting the new version of MarloMetrics through final testing and expect it to be available for use by early 2024. Marlo representatives will be notified when the application is released and will be able to schedule a training session. If you have any questions about either of our selection software programs, feel free to email us or complete our contact form.

Where to Buy

Contact your local Marlo Independent Manufacturer’s Representative to discuss your coil needs and to get a fast quote using our Marlo Metrics coil selection software.

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All Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions’ commercial coils are engineered to meet our customer’s specific parameters. We prefer to design our equipment around your project.

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