Announcing Upgraded Equipment to Further Modernize our Manufacturing Plant

December 21, 2023

As part of our ongoing commitment to investing in our future, we’re proud to announce significant new equipment purchases that have upgraded our manufacturing facility and our capabilities. These new additions will mean even better and more consistent quality – and even shorter lead times – for both our heat transfer coils and our air handling units (AHUs).

Laser cutter/punch

This state-of-the-art laser/punch combo machine performs a wide range of processes, including laser cutting, punching, tapping, forming, marking and more. Equipped with an innovative fiber laser cutting technology, it achieves faster cutting speeds – including complex shapes and radius curves – while maximizing precision and also eliminating secondary operations.

While the laser cutting is incredibly fast, the punch function takes speed to an even higher level, punching precise holes instantaneously. This new machine allows us to produce entire tubesheets in a matter of seconds, with unmatched quality.

Four new press brakes

That’s right…not one, not two, not three…but FOUR brand new high-speed CNC press brakes! These machines, which have allowed us to retire some of our older and less sophisticated equipment, have greatly increase our bending speed and output capacity – on our full range of materials and thicknesses.

These new press brakes offer much more than just high speeds. They also provide extremely precise bends, which improves overall product quality. Plus, one of the new brakes is an oversized machine that allows us to make full 16-foot-long bends, which means less material splicing and therefore greater durability – as well as faster production and shorter lead times.

These new pieces of equipment are in addition to the automated, high-speed panel bender which we announced last year, and in addition to our recently completed new AHU manufacturing cell. These major investments demonstrate our focus on continuous improvement, and our ongoing commitment to meeting our customers’ needs for both quality and fast delivery.

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