AHRI Certified Coils

Our AHRI coils are available for hot water, chilled water or steam applications.

Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions has more experience with coils over a wider variety of applications than anyone in the industry. Whatever your requirements, including custom engineered, or direct fit replacements, Marlo will provide the exact coil for your application, with flexibility of custom engineered circuiting, fin spacing, header configurations, and materials.

Marlo's AHRI coils are available in either standard delivery cycles or in a matter of days through our Priority Coil Program.

We are proud to carry the AHRI certification. AHRI certification means coil performance is a certainty. To give our customers assurance of quality performance, coils are tested over a wide range of operational conditions, by an independent laboratory.

Flat Fin

Flat Fin Coils

Smooth design offers lower air side pressure drop and greater cleaning ability.

Turbex Fin

Turbex Fin Coils

Corrugated design for greater heat transfer and less surface area.

Staggered Tubes

Staggered Tube Coil Design

Our multiple row coils feature staggered tubes to maximize heat transfer efficiency.