Download Replacement Coil Dimensional Forms, Users Guides, Operational Manuals, and Selection Software

Here you can download our latest version of MarloMetrics® coil selection software and other helpful documents. See below for details. 


AHUMetrics™For existing Marlo Independent Manufacturers Rep’s (IMR), click here to request login information and a password to access our Air Handling Unit (AHU) configurator software. If you already have a login, click here.


MarloMetrics™We have developed a new coil selection software program that improves on our legacy software program for all applications except turbine inlet coils. To install the software, select the link below to download and then run the setup.exe file. Once installation is complete, an activation code will be required. Please contact to receive an activation code.

NEW MarloMetrics V6.00.113 (Use for all applications except Turbine Inlet Coils.)

Turbine Inlet Coil Application

The legacy MarloMetrics V5.43.2 is being phased out.  If you have an existing license it will not be re-activated.

Select the link below to download and then run the setup.exe file. Open the software and complete the information shown on the screen. Email the information to to receive your unique serial number.

LEGACY MarloMetrics 5.43.2 (Use this for Turbine Coil rating and selection.)

Multiple coils in a single project

English or metric units

Quotation and performance sheets can be edited in Microsoft Word

Expanded customization of coil dimensions

Improved submittal drawing capability – more circuit and material options

Customize casing and header dimensions

Print to-scale drawings