Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell and Tube Heat ExchangersShell and Tube heat exchangers typically have round housings for use with higher pressures on the air, refrigerant or gas side. Water is passed through tube bundles that are placed so that optimum heat transfer occurs from the liquid to the gas.

Applications include industrial processes and are frequently found in systems that have access to steam such as Power Plants, Hospitals, Universities, and many industrial applications.


Marlo has Partnered with ENFAB, Inc. to offer Custom Designed Heat Exchangers. ENFAB shell and tube heat exchangers are a direct replacement for all major competitors tube bundles and complete heat exchangers (B&G, Taco, Thrush, Armstrong (pumps), etc.). In addition, Enfab can manufacture “U” tube exchangers, condensers, evaporators, tank heaters, suction heaters, aftercoolers, intercoolers, oil coolers and double-wall exchangers. Please contact your Marlo Sales representative or call one of our knowledgeable inside sales agents for more information.

ENFAB Heat Exchangers are: 

  • Manufactured tested and stamped to ASME Section VIII.
  • Able to handle special lead time requests.
  • Able to offer a wide range of material options.

Applications include but are not limited to hospitals, schools, hotels, chemical processing plants, manufacturing facilities and other industrial applications.

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