Leonardo DRS Introduces New Commercial Air Handler

By TheNEWS.com

OCTOBER 8, 2018  ̶  The commercial modular air handling unit was developed by Leonardo DRS’ Marlo Coil business. The system features pre-engineered modules that can be configured to meet the needs of office buildings, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial buildings, with output ranges from 8,000 to 24,000 cfm.

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The unit can be shipped fully assembled or as individual modules, allowing for simplified transport to and through a building. Suitable for retrofit and new construction applications, the unit has a thermally efficient wall system, featuring galvanized steel wall panels with 2-inch-thick polyurethane foam insulation, integral thermal breaks, and full-perimeter, double-sealed gaskets. The frames are made of military-grade extruded aluminum, and the base system is constructed of 10-gauge stainless steel. Configurable components include air intake, filter, door, heating, cooling, and fan modules, plus a Stratomizer® dampered face and bypass coil that preheats and tempers outside air, protecting against freezing.